Quest for Camelot (1998)

dir. Frederik Du Chau

One of those movies you watch as a kid and think is basically Disney, but then you grow up, rewatch it in a fit of nostalgia, and realise it’s pure trash. The heroine Kayley sets off on a quest to retrieve the legendary sword Excalibur and restore Camelot to peace, but the magic and wonder are quite heavily dented by features such as a two-headed comic relief dragon voiced by Eric Idle and Don Rickles, or the chicken turned into a comic relief talking axe voiced by Jaleel White. The thing these Disney rip-offs don’t seem to understand about comedy bolstered by celebrity voices is it actually has to be funny, not just manifest as creatures shrieking mundane observations in weird voices. But as it stands, we get this dissonant clash of tones. Sure, there’s the wise blind woodman who helps Kayley get in touch with nature. There’s also a giant ogre using Excalibur as a toothpick and hilariously plonking his butt down on the villains. One or two of the songs are pretty decent, but otherwise there’s very little in Quest for Camelot worth embarking on a quest to save.

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