Retro Puppet Master (1995)

dir. David DeCoteau

The seventh film in the inexplicable Puppet Master franchise, this one is noteworthy because it stars none other than Greg Sestero, i.e. Tommy’s best friend Mark in The Room. It’s quite something to watch Mark blustering around trying to get the tiny demonic puppet people to behave. It’s particularly entertaining to listen to Sestero’s faltering attempt at a French accent, something he should be much better at considering his mother is of French descent. Perhaps he should have concentrated on mastering the French accent rather than retro puppets. He’s not much of a retro puppet master anyway – at one point the puppets are supposed to be coming to live, lifting up of their own accord, but you can see a human hand in the corner holding them and moving them around. Anyone can be a retro puppet master if that’s all you have to do.

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