Suicide Squad (2016)

dir. David Ayer

It is beyond incredible that this was ostensibly DC Films’ attempt at “The Avengers, but antiheroes”. The sad thing is, the premise isn’t half-bad – it could have been fun watching a bunch of villains run rogue. But Suicide Squad doesn’t let anyone run rogue. For all their monologuing about how evil they are, the titular squad doesn’t actually do much in the way of the nefarious. Will Smith’s Deadshot is the worst, constantly brooding over his dark ways and unsalvageable soul, then being utterly horrified at the thought of one of his acquaintances having murdered children. Sure, killing children is atrocious, but didn’t the almighty Deadshot already spend most of the movie talking about how he’s numb to such things? Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress adds yet another layer of silly to the movie, as she writhes around and rasps unintelligibly. Suicide Squad basically expends a lot of energy talking about how it’s not just another superhero, then proceeds to be just another superhero movie, but with none of the joy of self-awareness the more successful superhero movies possess.

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