Tall Girl (2019)

dir. Nzingha Stewart

There are many minorities and downtrodden communities who face adversity in life. Women; ethnic minorities; the LGBTQ+ community; disabled people; the elderly; the working class and others from socio-economic groups with a lower income. But did any of these people stop and consider the most persecuted community of all: tall girls? Well, Tall Girl dares to finally speak up for this subjugated demographic. Sure, the protagonist teenage girl is white, rich, classically beautiful, intelligent, musically talented, able-bodied and straight – but she’s also tall!!! How can she live through such a struggle? Tall Girl is kind enough to give her not one, but two selfish and manipulative romantic interests, with the love triangle forming the core of Jodi’s emotional turmoil. If all that wasn’t enough, the film also takes the step of conveying that your typical entitled, angry, whiny incel actually makes the perfect boyfriend. Just wait until you find out what he carries that milk crate around for.

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