ThanksKilling (2008)

dir. Jordan Downey

ThanksKilling is a very difficult film to describe. It’s obviously making fun – it’s an out and proud slasher film intended to revel in the joyous extremes of the horror genre. Hence the demonic turkey who struts around swearing at people. Or the ancient book of magic that is quite obviously a cardboard box sellotaped together. But even the humour induces cringing – mostly centred around sex and piss and gore. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, it just means that ThanksKilling is kind of a bewildering experience from start to end. It all feels a bit like the film is yelling at you from start to end, in the screeching voice of its evil turkey antagonist. And if you spend even a second not laughing, it’ll screech at you even more.

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