The Lucky One (2012)

dir. Scott Hicks

If you enjoy watching a man walk and walk and walk in silence, you’ll enjoy the first part of this film. If you enjoy a man infiltrating a family, community and life he rightly has nothing to do with, you’ll enjoy the middle part of this film. If you enjoy a melodramatic anti-climax with contrived stakes and very little impact, you’ll enjoy the end part of this film. To summarise, if you are a regular human being then you will not enjoy any part of this film. Nicholas Sparks’ hollow sentimentality is taken to giddying heights, with the movie just stopping short of branding the words “LOVE IS GOOD” onto the screen so the audience really gets the message. Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling both seemingly try to divest themselves of every bit of acting talent they have in order to embody their generic, vacant characters. Just an empty, meaningless experience.

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