The Proposal (2009)

dir. Anne Fletcher

Like so many lazy rom-coms, The Proposal tries to convince its audience that two people with no chemistry or rapport can fall in love if they just fake a romance for long enough. In this case, it’s a green card romance, and gives the film an excuse to remain in Sitka, Alaska for a good chunk of the runtime. Cue gushing strings and sweeping aerial shots – wow, Alaska sure looks nice! It genuinely looks so majestic and impressive. It’s like the movie gets distracted, and then has to remind itself it’s supposed to be a rom-com. Then we’re torn back to the thoroughly insipid antics of our thoroughly insipid leads. In summary, your basic “we’re engaged – no, for real this time!” movie, but with the added bonus of serving as an advert for the Alaskan tourist board.

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