Roxi (2005)

dir. Mike Murphy

Roxi is an experience. All signs point to it having been an impromptu project filmed on holiday. The acting is dreadful – clearly the director’s friends rather than any actual professionals. The filming is shoddy enough to have been done on someone’s ancient camera phone they found in a shoebox in the back of their drawer. The setting is… nice, actually, a beautiful Greek island called Paxos, but the residents look pretty perturbed by the amateur film production going on. The most obvious indication of all is the fact that the eponymous Roxi owns a bar on the island called Roxi; turns out this is an actual, real bar in actual, real Paxos in actual, real life. They didn’t imagine the bar for the movie’s sake – they just found an existing bar, named the heroine after it and shot the movie around it. Definitely a spontaneous holiday film. Oh and there’s an amazing special effect of someone falling off a cliff and it inexplicably looks like their head comes off. Roxi is an experience.

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