Santa Girl (2019)

dir. Blayne Weaver

It’s kind of remarkable that a film this stupid came out as recently as 2019. In general, aren’t kids supposed to be more jaded and cynical these days? In 2019, who is the audience for a film about Santa Claus’ daughter going to college? The plot beats are all for teenagers – the college setting, the rebellion against traditional parents, the bland “hot guy”. But… it’s about Santa Claus’ daughter. The antagonist is Jack Frost. The main character’s quirky nerdy sidekick is an elf. Not that believing in Santa or any of it is a requisite, but still, surely the adventures of St Nick’s offspring would only really appeal to younger kids? The terrible visual effects certainly aren’t convincing anyone over the age of 3. Santa Girl just doesn’t know what it wants to be. And to be quite honest, everyone else just doesn’t want it to be, full stop.

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