The Silence (2019)

dir. John R. Leonetti

The Silence follows a deaf girl and her family as they strive to survive an onslaught from mysterious creatures who cannot see, but navigate and hunt by sound. The comparisons to 2018’s A Quiet Place are too obvious to detail, but The Silence doesn’t stop there. The main characters’ insistence on running around making the worst possible decisions in the face of an unknown threat are akin to The Happening. There’s a contrived, confusing nod to Fargo in a scene where several of the flying beasts kamikaze themselves by zooming straight into a woodchipper. The shoddily rendered winged monstrosities themselves even manage to mimic the insanity of Birdemic. An entirely idiotic thread about a cult culminates in a home invasion not unlike The Purge – although the gaggle of fundamentalist villagers also manages to echo Troll 2. As the movie ends on our teenage heroine and her boyfriend hunting with a bow and arrow, practically ripped shot-for-shot from The Hunger Games, The Silence confidently declares itself about as derivative and unoriginal as it’s possible for a film to be.

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