Fantasy Island (2020)

dir. Jeff Wadlow

A horror reinvention of the 1970s TV show, Fantasy Island operates on the basic, very well-trodden premise of “Be careful what you wish for”. A group of strangers arrive on the eponymous island, having been promised it has the power to make their deepest dream come true. Of course, everything winds up twisted, with tinges of death and torment coming to the surface pretty quickly. Fantasy Island is so predictable in a lot of ways, with many story beats being obvious a mile off. But it gets even worse when it tries to engineer a “twist” (perhaps these strangers… aren’t exactly strangers after all?!) and seriously jumps the shark in its closing moments as the true antagonist is revealed. The scares and gore are entirely underwhelming (which isn’t a massive surprise, considering one of the key fantastical villains they’re running from is called something as inventive as “Dr Torture”), and the whole monkey’s paw idea has already been done to death – if you will – anyway. Absolutely nothing to see here on Fantasy Island.

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