Good Mourning (2022)

dir. Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun

A day in the life of London (Machine Gun Kelly), an actor and stoner who gets a very slightly odd text from his girlfriend one morning and subsequently goes into a tailspin complete with wacky adventures. The big conflict of Good Mourning is London deciding whether to go to his girlfriend’s house or to a professional meeting. Any halfway-functioning human being could probably work something out here, but London and his idiotic friends are so childish and goofy that everything seems to culminate in a giant spliff and/or imprisonment. Utterly banal ideas are focused on for minute after arduous minute: someone confused oat milk for goat milk! Someone keeps actual gloves in their car’s glove compartment! Here’s Danny Trejo briefly, for some reason! The movie is stuffed with such random asides and non-sequiturs, but they’re largely forgotten the second they’re over, they’re that boring and inconsequential. It’s all supposed to be funny, of course, but Good Mourning is so awkward and contrived that in the end it’s difficult to laugh either with or at it. There is no good to be found in Good Mourning, and the only mourning is for the death of laughter.

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