Rings (2017)

dir. F. Javier Gutiérrez

Like so many horror sequels before and since, Rings hinges on the idea that the essence of a good horror film (like The Ring) can be emulated and exploited by trying to squeeze every single conceivable plot spin-off from it that can possibly be dreamt up. In Rings, college student Julia and her boyfriend are embroiled in Samara’s vengeance. They watch her infamous video, although this time there are small changes which supposedly suggest that Samara’s after something else this time. Julia’s search takes her to all manner of creepy people, including an obsessive college professor who somehow believes Samara’s curse can prove the existence of the soul, and a blind ex-priest who for all the subtlety he possesses might as well spend his scenes shouting “I’m not a very nice guy”. Julia’s desperate search for answers might hold somewhat more weight did Julia herself not seem just as devoid of life as the abused girl she’s trying to save. As it stands, Rings is probably much better regarded as fan fiction rather than a legitimate Ring sequel.

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