Dracula 2000 (2000)

dir. Patrick Lussier

A group of thieves infiltrate a highly secured underground vault, expecting to find valuables. Instead, they discover a coffin. Dracula has been restrained here, but now he’s been unleashed upon the world again. So far, so Dracula – but Dracula 2000 takes the story of the famous vampires to absolutely ludicrous places. There’s Van Helsing using leeches to consume Dracula’s blood and become ageless. There’s Van Helsing’s daughter, who Dracula is compelled to because she shares his blood (but apparently Van Helsing himself doesn’t, even though he… literally shares his blood?). There’s a bunch of specific rules and guidelines regarding what Dracula and his ilk can and can’t do. Dracula can apparently turn into a wolf, and also into bats. He can’t stand sunlight, or silver. He also despises Christianity – but Christian things make him angry rather than weak. This last rule is explained in the film’s climax with a twist so insane, so unbelievable, it’s near-impossible to fathom how someone came up with it. But it’s all so much fun – Gerard Butler is quite obviously having a blast as Dracula, prancing around making manic vampire faces. Dracula 2000 is a serious trip for the audience as well.

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