Pentagram (2019)

dir. Steve Lawson

Pentagram is about as paint-by-numbers as it’s possible for a budget horror film to be. A group of wayward teens – none of whom, incidentally, look remotely as though they’re played by actual teenagers – stumble upon a cursed pentagram in an abandoned house. Once they’ve entered the pentagram, they cannot leave without being killed and devoured by an unknown demonic entity (which is manifest by some of the worst, clip art-like special effects imaginable). Or, much like The Ring, they have to perform a sacrifice of someone else before they can be freed. But there’s no real horror or intrigue here. We have to sit and watch the characters try to loop together their garments in order to lasso themselves some candles, for an arduously long time. None of the characters is likeable or relatable, so it’s hard to get invested. The climax at the end of the movie is for a character so lifeless, so vapid, that it’s hard to feel anything at all. Making this pathetic movie was probably faster and easier than scribbling a pentagram on a piece of paper and simply shoving that in front of a camera for eighty minutes.

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