After Ever Happy (2022)

dir. Castille Landon

Quite unbelievably, After Ever Happy is the fourth installment in the miserable After series, following After, After We Collided, and After We Fell. Even more unbelievably, the worst thing about After Ever Happy is not its asinine title, but the movie that comes with it, during which our star-crossed duo Tessa and Hardin continue their toxic dynamic full of yelling, stalking, sexual manipulation, and in one particularly disturbing scene, arson. More unbelievable still, After Ever Happy continues the series’ insistence that these two deranged and destructive characters are in fact destined to be together; when Tessa insists they need some time apart, Hardin’s refusal to listen is not meant to be sinister or inappropriate but, instead, romantic. Most unbelievable of all, despite initial reports to the contrary and the implication of its own ludicrous title, After Ever Happy is not in fact the final part of the series, and ends with yet another “To be continued” title card, as though any of us really needed to see more of this unhealthy, unhinged relationship. Unbelievable.

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