Slaxx (2020)

dir. Elza Kephart

A possessed pair of jeans begins a bloody crusade to murder the staff of a clothing store. From the premise alone, it’s obvious Slaxx is not meant to be taken seriously. Instead it’s one of those nudge-nudge, wink-wink, ostensibly self-aware films which revels in its own insanity. To an extent, it works. Images of the jeans forming a sharp-toothed mouth, or dancing around when distracted by music, are pretty funny. But Slaxx unfortunately banks on the assumption that this premise can be stretched out for seventy-seven minutes. However, it cannot. The acting is all so over-the-top as to become irritating very quickly, while the humour inherent in “some jeans kill a person” is quickly diluted with every victim claimed. There’s also an uncomfortable portrayal of Indian culture, including the jeans sliding themselves onto a mannequin which has a dot on its head supposedly representing a bindi, not to mention conversations conducted in technically shaky Hindi. By the time the bindi-adorned mannequin is dancing around to Bollywood music, it just feels a bit racist. It’s clear what Slaxx was trying to do, but unfortunately it doesn’t succeed for very long at all.

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