Disenchanted (2022)

dir. Adam Shankman

Considering that Disney’s 2007 fairy-tale send-up Enchanted is a genuinely clever, charming film, it’s even more disappointing that its sequel is so rushed, lazy and uninspired. Set ten years after the original, fairy-tale protagonist Giselle (Amy Adams) lives happily with her family in New York, but soon after moving to suburbia, she finds she longs for the dreamlike spark of her old home. After making a wish – through a type of magic which very suddenly, very conveniently exists – she renders her world a fairy-tale, and quickly realises it was a mistake as she’s forced to embrace the wicked stepmother trope. Though the idea is genuinely a good one, its execution is so boring and unoriginal that it’s difficult to believe this film has anything to do with Enchanted. The performances are earnest, but the plot points are by rote. The songs are completely forgettable: Idina Menzel shrieks the words “love power” like they’re supposed to be meaningful, and the film’s signature song repeatedly belts out the words “even more enchanted” as though that’ll somehow mean the original film’s essence is recaptured. The stark difference in impact between Enchanted and Disenchanted can be pretty accurately summed up by the titles themselves.

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