We Are Your Friends (2015)

dir. Max Joseph

There are many films which revolve around a close-knit group of friends – it’s a fairly typical set-up. We Are Your Friends sets itself apart by containing quite possibly the most obnoxious, brash, self-entitled group of friends ever depicted in a movie before. At the centre is Cole (Zac Efron), intent on becoming a successful DJ, even though his musical skills are questionable at best. The film is scene after scene of everyone getting drunk and high and jumping around to generic beats, with essentially no development for the majority of the story until there’s a sudden attempt at a dramatic twist. It, predictably, falls flat, and then the rest of the movie essentially continues on as before. Although We Are Your Friends clearly wants to be a searing portrait of youth culture, drugs and partying, it’s simply a grating, repetitive, headache-inducing pulsating from beginning to end. Trainspotting, it ain’t.

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