All About Steve (2009)

dir. Phil Traill

All About Steve stars Sandra Bullock as the frankly unhinged protagonist, Mary. The movie tries to paint her as an immature but misunderstood loner, who just longs for someone to love. Therefore, her rapid descent into full-on harassment and stalking is meant to be a charming personality quirk, rather than a reason to call the authorities. She develops an unhealthy obsession with the titular Steve, played by Bradley Cooper, who initially, quite rightly, regards her as some crazed psychopath. Of course, as the movie progresses, he realises that she is a beautiful person on the inside. The thing is, she isn’t. She’s terrible. He’s terrible. Everyone in All About Steve is terrible. Everyone needs to be put in a facility. There is no sweetly sentimental path to redemption here, even if the movie swears there is.

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