Fifty Shades of Grey

dir. Sam Taylor-Johnson

Everyone already knows how awful Fifty Shades of Grey is. The book; the movie franchise; even the franchise it was based off, Twilight. It’s terrible. This inaugural cinematic instalment is just as stupid, just as manipulative, just as pathetic as everything else with the Fifty Shades label on it. Dakota Johnson plays Ana, the young, innocent wallflower who gets roped into (heh) Christian Grey’s (Jamie Dornan) world of abusive, manipulative, psychopathic behaviour masquerading as BDSM. Johnson and Dornan do their very best with the one-dimensional characters, but there is nothing that can truly save Fifty Shades. Christian is abusive. He’s selfish, he’s violent, he’s jealous, he’s controlling, and he’s entitled. The fact that Fifty Shades tries to say this is all just in the name of good sexual kinky fun is an insult. It’s an insult to consenting, healthy BDSMers, who know this kind of toxic relationship is nothing to do with BDSM. It’s an insult to men, implying that a man can engage in all this behaviour and write it off as kink if they just pledge to be a good man deep down inside. And most of all, it’s an insult to women – specifically the women this franchise is aimed at, presenting them with a fantasy of what true love like and encouraging them to pursue it. But no one, no one, should aspire to the hideous relationship between Ana and Christian. Fifty Shades isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous.

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