Jack and Jill (2011)

dir. Dennis Dugan

Adam Sandler and the Happy Madison movies are quite a marvel. Adam Sandler and many of his colleagues have proven themselves to be genuinely talented actors and comedians. So it’s difficult to understand why they so frequently ignore all of their abilities and instead seemingly come together to create the absolute worst product they can. This is no more true than with Jack and Jill, a film which fails as early on as its concept, which is Adam Sandler playing both a man, Jack, and the man’s annoying twin sister, Jill. There’s no need to acknowledge that the director has an ongoing partnership with Adam Sandler and has directed arguably his best and worst films. There’s no need to examine the story, which includes an excruciating romantic subplot between Jill and Al Pacino playing himself. All that needs to be said is that Adam Sandler plays his own twin sister. And so, Jack and Jill fails. Bothering to actually sit through the movie after that is nothing short of masochism.

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