Twisted Pair (2018)

dir. Neil Breen

This is arguably Neil Breen at his most Breenius self. Visual effects that look like Clip Art put through a rotate effect on Windows Movie Maker? Check. Women used purely as plot devices, because we all know they can’t be anything else? Check. Any excuse for the camera to linger on Breen, so that he spends approximately 99% of the entire film on-screen? Check. I mean, there are two of him. What more could you possibly want? In classic Breen style, the storyline centres on a confusing global conspiracy theory which tries to make a grand, sweeping statement about the nature of technology and life – but the message is a bit lost every time Breen animates his character jumping onto a twenty-storey building, seemingly just by dragging a photo of himself up the frame. But the gist of it seems to be: artificial intelligence, something something, explosions. It is an incredible experience.

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